Well if the demo works it clearly is compatible.

A note for the future is versions of IE are different; try it in IE6,
IE7. Google "multiple IE" if you have one but not the other.

This is my advice though:
Copy and paste the example on the scriptaculous site that works fine
for you, onto your site. If you copy it EXACTLY (the source code is
listed on the demo page) it will work in both IE and Firefox - if it
doesn't then it's something else on your page that's screwing things
Then slowly change each part of the demo until it's your code that you
want. At some point it will break in IE! Post here what change it was
that broke it and we'll see what we can do to help you out if you
can't figure it out yourself.

On Nov 4, 12:32 am, alohaaaron <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,  For some reason the demo examples of scriptaculouos to do an
> autocomplete drop down don't work on IE.  I download the latest
> version of scriptaculous and run the ajax_autocompleter2_test and it
> doesn't give me the dropdown lists in IE but it works fine in
> firefox.  But their example herehttp://demo.script.aculo.us/ajax/autocompleter
> works fine in both IE and Firefox.  Isn't it compatible with both
> browswers?  Thanks, Aaron
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