Hi!  I'm fairly new to script.aculo.us and have been experimenting
with Effect.Appear.  What I want to happen is when my page loads,
multiple divs (say about 20), would appear one at a time at about 2
secs an interval, from left to right.  I figured out how to do that
with one div, using the demo of Effect. Appear.  Here's how I wrote

<body onload="$('appear_demo').appear(); return false;">
<div id="appear_demo" style="display:none; width:80px; height:80px;
background:#c2defb; border:1px solid #333;"></div>

I'm not sure if that's correct, but it worked.  My problem is how
would I do it for multiple divs?  And onload, NOT onClick -- which is
the original from the demo.

Thanks in advance!

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