Classing it would be a good idea but i have never written a Javascript class 
before !!, i have only just started to use object notaion for my functions 
!! so i suppose the next logical step is a class ...

I wrote it all to use CSS classnames so people could have full flexability 
over how the window manager worked .. the only thin that is core to it is 
the taskbar at the bottom, you will see from the code that it is taken ito 
account when maximizing etc etc...

I have just found a bug and a couple of things that i think need to be 
funcitonised as they are called quite often. If i get time tonight i will 
fucntionise them and have the bugs ironed out for tomorrow before i indent 
and comment the code properly .... If anyone would like to Aid me in turning 
this into a Javascript class it would be a good learning experience for all 
those taking part



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> On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 5:46 PM, Alex Mcauley
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>> yes its untested in IE6 and will not be supported i dont think
>> for demo purposes i aggree it maybe should open smaller
>> MIT liscence it is then !!
> Cool!
> I took a quick look at the source. My one suggestion right now is:
> there is minimise and maximize function names that appear to be one US
> English and one UK English spelling.
> Am I right that we are pretty much just adding a Window class and some
> template/boilerplate html code? Should we try to get the new Window
> class added as an optional resource to Prototype once it comes further
> along? Of course, for the HTML template code there are many, many
> options...
> >

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