Hi Guys / Gals

After a few days frantic coding i have came up with a window system
based on prototypejs/scriptaculous that can be used in a multi
windowed environment.

The example is loacted here:


Each window that is created has unique id's that are referenced and
passed onto the containers and sub containers and so on... All
libraries are able to be called in any window at any time...

A brief description is available on the demo page and the code is
currently being cleaned up and indented / commented properly for
download ..

I built the project due to a distinct lack of non bloated, fast window
managers available online, as the demo explains there will be a
tutorial appearing on  http://proto-scripty.wikidot.com/prototype:howtos
very soon detailing the hows and whys and so on ..

If anyone would like to contribute time/code/experience to the project
to make it as robust as it can be then please feel free to contact me
about it before it gets released opensource

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