Something else I should mention is that I also need to extend dragdrop
slightly so that when a panel is dropped, it triggers a function that
saves the user's new page layout. I'll probably do this by gathering
the layout info and then invoking a web method.

How easy would it be to extend the 'drop' functionality slightly so
that it calls a function I've defined myself?

We're either going to do it this way, or take the user to a config
page with moveable panels and a save button.. I'm not sure this has
yet been decided.

On Nov 28, 10:02 am, Matt Winward <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi all.
> We've just started using Scriptaculous to allow the user to rearrange
> their home page content panels. At the moment we have two unordered
> lists (left and right) and the user can move panels around to suit
> their preference.
> This is working great and the only problem we have with it is that
> scriptaculous.js + prototype.js + dragdrop.js + effects.js = 192kb.
> That's after I stopped it from loading other js files like sound.js,
> for example.
> Seeing as all I'm using (literally) is Sortable.create(list,
> properties) twice at the bottom of the page, and nothing else, there
> must be loads that I can carve out of the js files? Ideally I was
> hoping to be able to normalise them all into one efficient js file
> that handles the Sortable business.
> Looking through it, though, I can see it's no simple task!
> There must be a more modular approach?
> Any help or advice would be hugely appreciated!
> Matt
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