Even with the padding, it works a little unexpected. I thought that I
could re-arrange the tree in the dom from javascript and this would
change the report sent to the server. This is not the case. The tree
that is sent to the server cannot be modified by moving the tree
elements around from javascript.


On Jan 5, 12:43 pm, "Niko Schwarz" <niko.schw...@googlemail.com>
> Ok, I think I know what went wrong. The drag-and-drop magic works only if
> the child-uls have a padding-bottom. Maybe the javascript should check if
> the padding is alright and make sure it does not go under a certain minimum?
> A hint in the documentation might be nice. I am not the only one who got
> this wrong: the seaside scriptaculous example does not allow drags to empty
> children, either.
> Niko
> 2009/1/3 Niko <niko.schw...@googlemail.com>
> > Ok, I am really not the biggest JS guru on the planet. Consider me a
> > newbie on SU and javascript.
> > So, alright, here is the big plan: I have my small to do list and I
> > want to be able to drag around items in the list. tasks can have
> > subtasks and that should be the end of the line. no sub sub tasks.
> > I am far away from realizing that. I think it might have been smarter
> > to implement this directly using SU's drag and drop abilities.
> > however, what i did try was forcing sortables to do what i want and i
> > did not come far. not only am i far away from realizing the 2-level
> > restriction; more importantly, i can't convince the library to allow
> > drops on empty items.
> > i gave them an empty sublist. i turned on "drop on empty". i added a
> > display:none child element to the sublists. nothing!
> > in an ideal work, i would tackle the problem like this:
> > in happy world, sortables would allow leaves to get child nodes
> > without obstructions. i would set the only attribute to a class name,
> > and after every update, i would update the classes so that only
> > elements on the first level would have this class set, so nothing can
> > be dragged beyond level 2.
> > also, after every update, i would check if level 3 got created (could
> > happen( and would smoothe it back to level 2.
> > could someone give me a hand, please?
> > regards,
> > niko
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