Hey all,

I am using Ajax.Updater() to change the data in some drop down select
boxes.  The update is triggered in onchange of the first select
field.  I am passing the value of that selected option to a php script
that then builds the second dependent drop down option set.  This is
the current piece of code as it is inline with the html:

<select style="width: 24em;" name="user_cert_agency"
id="user_cert_agency" onchange="new Ajax.Updater('user_cert_type',
'inc/actions/certifications.php', { method: 'post', parameters:
'agency=' + $F(user_cert_agency)}); return false;">

I have tried both .getValue() and its shortcut $F() to no avail in
addition I have attempted to fetch the value with
user_cert_agency.options[selectedIndex].value with no success.  If I
temporarily change the "supplying" field to a simple text input field
with the name and id of user_cert_agency and type in a value the
Ajax.Update (and backend php script) both work as expected.

Yes, the parameters in my <option>'s are all correct with proper

Any ideas about this?  Or should I be creating these dynamic drop down
select fields in a different fashion?

Thanks again for the help.

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