> Yes it does (although prototype only parses function arguments, and
> not function body). Could you open this page [1] in Opera Mobile and
> check what the output is under "Function decompilation" section? I
> created it specifically for testing mobile browsers.
> [...]
> [1] http://yura.thinkweb2.com/js-checker/

Tried it and function decompile seems to work...

But the fact is that since my post, I have upgraded opera.exe and I
have changed some settings in opera:config.
Since then prototype.js seems  to work (but not scriptaulous)

I now need to hard reset my handset to find exactly which changed
settings made javascript work.

I will also send the rendering result of  js-cecker page when I find
where opera saved it on my handset...

Concerning scriptaculous, I have to investigate further. My first
thought is that opera mobile doesn't like dynamically loading of
scripts (scripatculous.js?load=etc). But as said I need further


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