> The line:
> Event.observe('$formName', 'submit', checkReqFields, false);
> is causing...

In the code you quoted, that line doesn't exist; this does:

>     Event.observe('fm', 'submit', checkReqFields, false);

I assumed at first that you were quoting the end result that went to
the browser rather than the PHP source code, but then noticed that
further down in the function you quoted, you _do_ have PHP source
code, which made me wonder...  Did you accidentally replace $formName
with fm in your source, and are you now running with a different form
name?  Not likely, but just checking.

If not that:  You're sure that "fm" is the _ID_ of the form?  E.g.,
<form id='fm'>, not (for example) <form name='fm'>?

If that's not it, to continue troubleshooting, I'd suggest picking up
with #3 on this list:

(BTW, if you're using 1.6, Event#observe no longer has the fourth

T.J. Crowder
tj / crowder software / com
Independent Software Engineer, consulting services available

On Jan 21, 9:14 pm, n8cshaw <n8cs...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am doing the following on one of my pages:
> document.observe("dom:loaded", function() {
>     Event.observe('fm', 'submit', checkReqFields, false);
>     $('resetBtn').observe('click',resetForm);
>     #if(!$edit)
>       initForm();
>     #else
>       disableOther();
>     #end
>   });
> The line:
> Event.observe('$formName', 'submit', checkReqFields, false);
> is causing an "element is null" error on page load. If I remove that
> line, I don't get the error. The form that is referenced exists, the
> function checkReqFields exists and the script is located after the
> HTML, so all of the elements should exist before it is executed.
> I do something very similar on another page and it works fine. Any
> ideas as to what is causing this problem?
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