Im using Effect.Transitions.sinoidal to bring in a div with menu
options. Ive set the durattion time to .6 of a second

While the div is transitioning in , if the user mouseover another
javascript event there is a stutter in the transition event.

Is there a way to freeze all other javascipt events while until the
trasition is finshed

move function

    moveRight : function(mvePan,xCo){
        menuFrag.mveFlag = "r";
        var myCallBack =  menuFrag.toggleMenuImg("out");
        if(menuFrag.scrollCnt >= menuFrag.maxScrollPans){
            return false;

            menuFrag.scrollCnt = menuFrag.scrollCnt + 1;
            new Effect.Move(mvePan, {duration: .5,
                x: xCo, y: 0, mode: 'relative',
                transition: Effect.Transitions.sinoidal
            },{queue:'front'}, {afterFinish:myCallBack});

            new Effect.Appear('form1:menuFrag:menuButPan', { duration:
0.8 },{queue:'end'});


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