Hi guys,

I am using scriptaculous to create a draggable sortable list using
AJAX and PHP.  I had this working fine with adding, deleting and
sorting before changing the input to use 2 text area's for input.  I
used to have the following code:

function process(content, action)
if (action == "recreateList")
                        params = "?content=" + serialise(content)+ 
"&chunkContent=" + null
+ "&action=recreateList";

but I have taken out the content from the process so I can control
more than one text box but can work out what needs to go into the:


instead of the content in order to allow me to reorder the list.  I
can do it visually but when I refresh then it returns to the original
order.  (I fixed the delete issue simply by creating a global variable
and passing that through and I think I need to do the same for this
but dont know what the variable would be)

ANY help would be greatly appreciated, I think the rest of my code for
dealing with placing it into the database etc is correct as it worked
before so im fairly confident its just this line.

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