On Feb 25, 4:28 pm, Lox <gecka.comp...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > [...] then prototype is becoming the mature
> > and stable platform for standardised/cross platform javascript
> > development.
> I understand that, and quite second that, but Peppy or Sizzle are much
> more faster at selecting elements by css selector witch, these days
> where javascript apps a getting bigger, is a must have.
> Someone talked about a lot of patches floating around. What are they?
> Where are they?

Which patches?

> To me prototype can be optimized without changing its functionalities.

Optimized how? The bug tracker is public and anyone is free to suggest
optimizations, patches, tests, etc.

> I recently had a case where, in a well formed dom, it didn't find
> something like '#mydiv span.class' witch was anoying. I remember I had
> to find a workaround and also that Peppy found it....

Submitting bug is a good way to let developers know about it.
Otherwise, the chances of it being found and fixed are much lower, as
you can probably guess. In which browser did that query not work?

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