Hi all,

I've noticed an odd thing on a project I'm building.

It's all in

I noticed that the pages work just fine (ajax.request, Event.observe,
and all), however if I let the browser sit for about 10mins (have not
counted exactly), the buttons tied to functions though 'Event.observe'
stop working. I threw some alerts in the functions to make sure they
were not called at all.

Odd thing though, it seems that other buttons/form/form elements
loaded shortly after page load (but through manual click) into a div
and have 'Event.observe' used to map  those buttons to functions still

So does prototype time out, expire? Or is this some form of
Event.observe mappings being lost when another ajax.request is made
with new buttons (of different id names) mapped to functions with

Make any sense?

Thanks for your time,

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