2009/4/21 NN <nitu.nived...@gmail.com>:
> When an user tries to send AJAX requests simultaneously from multiple
> browser tabs, one request gets completed and the page loads but the
> other AJAX calls are preempted. As a result of which the response is
> empty for the other calls. Only one call survives. In my application
> using struts 2.0, JSP and javascript and the prototype framework, i
> found that the server response is empty in the cases mentioned above
> though the data gets updated in teh database with the request
> parameters. The onSucess event handler for Ajax.request gets called
> but the the response is empty.
> Can you please help?
> Thanks
> >

Under normal circumstances, you can only have 2 active connections per
server. You have to work within that limitation.

Richard Quadling
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