I am trying to add Ajax.autocompleter to an old Perl.cgi + Oracle
application we use. I am looking up people from
our people database, for some person fields, and an email cc list. I
have everything working to my liking, except I have run into two

Some of the names in our database, contain French accented characters
like é and è, and these do not work, as
é is translated to "%C3%A9" in the request sent to the server, and if
é is sent from the server it is translated to character 0xe9. Is there
any way to disable this translation?

The other problem is with tokens, It is working with these options:
 {autoSelect:true,minChars:2,tokens: ','}
But if I change the options to:
 {autoSelect:true,minChars:2,tokens: [',', '\n']}
as shown in the file, things stop working.

Regards Per

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