Are you sending the header on the main page as well as the snippet  
you're returning via Ajax? If there's a mismatch between the main body  
of the page and the replacement code, that could be another issue.  
Look in Firebug at the headers from your initial request for the page  
(click on Net, then click on the filename of the page to disclose  
those headers), and then the replacement (in the usual Console tab).  
See if they match one another.


On Apr 24, 2009, at 9:44 AM, Diodeus wrote:

> Yup, I'm sending out the 1252 header but I'm still getting broken
> accented characters. I'd like to make it UTF-8 all the way, but the
> client's data was written using Word and is already in the database. :
> (

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