thanks for this fast and great support!

On 24 Apr., 17:12, Walter Lee Davis <> wrote:
> Anything that Prototype can do will leave the code in place in your  
> HTML. If you want to remove these options from your served code, you  
> will have to do that on the server using PHP or Ruby or another  
> scripting language. Search engines don't run JavaScript anyway, so  
> this function would not be called in the case where you need it to be.
> When you call remove() on something, you remove it from the DOM, but  
> not from the source code. The browser just "puts it out of its mind"  
> and stops worrying about it -- if the browser is configured to run  
> JavaScript.
> Walter
> On Apr 24, 2009, at 10:58 AM, wrote:
> > In some cases i dont need to display this subkategorie Nav. so i set
> > this to display:none with css.
> > But the Code is still in the Markup and the Searchengines will
> > sometimes crawl this.
> > So the goal is to remove this Navigation kompletly if it is not
> > required.
> > Is this script the right way to do this?
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