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> I am able to drag the images from the Panel-1 to the Panel-2 below;but
> unfortunately unable to drop the image into the Panel-2. There are no
> errors shown too. Complete functionality works well if I place the
> controls on the client side, but doesnt work once the controls are
> generated in the code behind.
I don't speak asp or c#, so I'm having to guess a bit. It would be
much easier if you posted the Javascript that this generates (if you
View Source for the page in your browser, you should see it there).

You haven't told us what you mean by 'it doesn't work': does the image
not stop following the cursor? Or does the image disappear? Or revert
to where it started? Or does it drop where you expect, but you are
expecting it to make a change to your database?

As far as I can see, your onDrop function ought to cause it to insert
the image into $(auction_images.ClientID) (not $
(auction_images_contianer.ClientID), if that was what you intended)
but it is hard to be sure, because I can't see the Javascript clearly
without all the C# gubbins.

But you don't seem to be doing anything to cause the datab ase to be
updated - I guess that is what you meant by 'on the server'. If that
is the issue, you need to add more to your 'onDrop':
 - either code to fetch a new page, which will call a CGI script to
update your database (the old-fashioned way)
 - or fire off an Ajax request, which will issue a POST to another
script on your server that will update the database.

Prototype has support for generating Ajax requests in various ways,
but you'll need to provide the server back-end for the call.

Does this help?


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