On May 6, 12:49 pm, sandy <sandymc...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Still i am stuck on the same issue as above i.e. nothing is happening
> on dropping the image in panel-2.I am able to drag the iamge from
> panel-1 to panel-2 but the Droppable.add(...) is not firing .The whole
> code is same as above posted .
> And server side means,all the script in .cs file and i am fetching all
> the images from data base so every thing is a dynamic here and all the
> script is written on the page load method.
> Any help will be very help full for me.
> Thanks Sandeep
Either I am misunderstanding you, or you are misunderstanding
something very basic about the web..

When you display a web page, the browser issues a request, and the
server prepares the page (perhaps just reading a file, perhaps running
a program) and sends it to the browser. THE SERVER HAS THEN FINISHED
ITS JOB and has no further knowledge or interest in the page, whatever
the user may do with it. The only way, originally, to get the server
to do any more work was to issue a new request, for example by
clicking a link, or submitting a form.

For the first few years of the WWW, that was the whole story. But then
some clever person invented Ajax: a mechanism whereby a browser could
send a further request while still staying on the displayed page,
receive an answer back from the server, and (usually) make changes to
the page in consequence. But in order to use this, you need to run
some code on the browser (usually in Javascript) to submit this Ajax
request, and process the result; and have some code on the server that
will act on this request.

Forgive me if I am explaining something that you already understand;
but it seems to me from all you have said that you do not realise that
you need to write some (javascript) code to issue the Ajax request and
process the results - such as "new Ajax.Updater" (from
script.aculo.us). This is nothing to do with page load, except of
course that you have to get the code onto the page in the first place
to do it. I guess that your 'onDropFunction' needs to include such a
call, and it needs to include the URL of a CGI script you write on the
server which will update the database and send the results back.

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