Hi all,

Still i am stuck on the same issue as above i.e. nothing is happening
on dropping the image in panel-2.I am able to drag the iamge from
panel-1 to panel-2 but the Droppable.add(...) is not firing .The whole
code is same as above posted .

And server side means,all the script in .cs file and i am fetching all
the images from data base so every thing is a dynamic here and all the
script is written on the page load method.

Any help will be very help full for me.
Thanks Sandeep

On Apr 29, 4:59 pm, ColinFine <colin.f...@pace.com> wrote:
> > ========
> > I am able to drag the images from the Panel-1 to the Panel-2 below;but
> > unfortunately unable to drop the image into the Panel-2. There are no
> > errors shown too. Complete functionality works well if I place the
> > controls on the client side, but doesnt work once the controls are
> > generated in the code behind.
> I don't speak asp or c#, so I'm having to guess a bit. It would be
> much easier if you posted the Javascript that this generates (if you
> View Source for the page in your browser, you should see it there).
> You haven't told us what you mean by 'it doesn't work': does the image
> not stop following the cursor? Or does the image disappear? Or revert
> to where it started? Or does it drop where you expect, but you are
> expecting it to make a change to your database?
> As far as I can see, your onDrop function ought to cause it to insert
> the image into $(auction_images.ClientID) (not $
> (auction_images_contianer.ClientID), if that was what you intended)
> but it is hard to be sure, because I can't see the Javascript clearly
> without all the C# gubbins.
> But you don't seem to be doing anything to cause the datab ase to be
> updated - I guess that is what you meant by 'on the server'. If that
> is the issue, you need to add more to your 'onDrop':
>  - either code to fetch a new page, which will call a CGI script to
> update your database (the old-fashioned way)
>  - or fire off an Ajax request, which will issue a POST to another
> script on your server that will update the database.
> Prototype has support for generating Ajax requests in various ways,
> but you'll need to provide the server back-end for the call.
> Does this help?
> Colin
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