On May 31, 1:37 pm, "Imbi Rehling" <imbil...@tpg.com.au> wrote:
>  if(this.olc_divborder) {
>     $(id).style.border=this.olc_divborder+'px solid '+this.olc_bordercol;
>     /* $(id).setStyle({ border: this.olc_divborder+'px' +this.olc_bordercol+
>  'solid' }); */
>     this.diagnostics('div border set to '+this.olc_divborder+'px');
>  }

In the commented-out code there are no spaces after 'px' or before

>  The commented out code is not working. Any thoughts???
>  Second Part:
>  if(this.olc_background){
>     $('textDiv').style.backgroundImage="url("+this.olc_background+")";
>     /* $('textDiv').setStyle({ backgroundImage:
>  'url('+this.olc_background+') top left' }); */
>     this.diagnostics('text area background set!');
>  }

backgroundImage wants only the image. If you want to give more than
one property, you need to use the other 'backgroundXxx' properties, or
use 'background' to give them all together.

>  No2:
>     I created a method to add a <style> tag into the head and add some
>  selector-rules code into it. Firstly its for the (Click to Close Link) and
>  for generating fixed classes for various popup elements including the new
>  (Feature Selector) method...
>         It works OK in firefox, but, apparently IE has some issues adding a
>  'textnode' into a style element (tag). I had hoped that prototype would
> have
>  circumvented this problem??
>  The method called 'add_style" is on line 504..
>  Here is the code I'm using within the method:
>  var headElement = document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0], styleElement =
>  document.createElement("style"), selector, rule; /* headElement =
>  document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0], headElement = $$('head') */
In your commented code you're setting 'headElement' twice, and the
second time you're setting it to an Array, not an Element.

Why not use just use "var headElement = head;" (or window.head if you
prefer) since there's only one of them?

I haven't looked to see if there are any other errors: these are just
the obvious ones at the start.

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