That's right, yes.  I tried that at one point:

  while ($count<=$num_teams)
      echo "<tr><td>Player ".$count . "</td><td class='players'><div
onclick='Effect.toggle('blinddown".$count."', 'slide'); return
false;'><span class='red'>{click to reserve a player spot}</span></
        <div id='blinddown".$count."'style='display:none; width:175px;
100px; background:#FFF;'>Random Text that doesn't matter</div></td></

However, it still wasn't working, so I decided to mess around with it
and just hard-code 1 in there.  In my previous experience it will
toggle the first occurrence of the div id, so I was just trying to
avoid potential syntax errors until I figured it out...but I still
have not
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