That was a very basic example i wrote !!...

Plus your code is not re-usable which was kinda my point and its about 50 lines 
where as mine would fit into perhaps 10 or so... inline is alot more flexible...

In basic examples yes this way does work but is memory expensive and alot of 
work !!!...

As i said - each to thier own in thier coding style ... while inline is still 
valid xhtml i will continue to use it

Also ... is the "record" node on the href's valid xhtml ? because i cant see it 
on the list of valid nodes!... And i would rather use inline callees than use 
invalid xhtml!


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  I think i met all of your criteria:

  i left the js in the main file so you could reference. dig it.


  On Thu, Jun 4, 2009 at 12:20 PM, Alex McAuley 
<> wrote:

    @Rick -- Okay here is a good one.....

    A very dynamic site where you need to pull varying variables
    -- excuse the psudeo code !! just proving its needed sometimes !!

        funciton doSomething({options}) {

        new Ajax.Updater(options.element,options.url, {
                               evalScripts: options.evalscripts,
                            parameters: {
    onComplete: options.onCompleteFunction // Not sure if would work - as i've 
never tried



 ?>',onCompleteFunction:'function(){alert(\'Hi\');}'});"> </div>

    Now without inline handlers i would have to make alot of functions.. this 
way i can reuse my code and just change the inputs ....

    I will state i dont do this often but sometimes it is needed as a script 
cannot always get the variables it needs as some change dynamically from other 
requests and outside factors

    I built an extremely dynamic Web Desktop over the last 2 years which is 
alot faster than anything else out there... One of the main factors it stays 
fast is the client memory is not clogged up with huge initial downloads of 
functions that only get used every now and again!.

    My view is each to thier own .... If it aint broke dont fix it and if 
everyone wrote code the same then the internet would be boring !!

    I would be interested to see how you would tackle problems like the one 
above as i've never really discussed it with anyone before

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      From: Rick Waldron 
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      Subject: [Proto-Scripty] Re: Working outside loop, but not inside

      A quick google for "php single quotes vs double quotes" will help you 
understand the difference and what it means to the overhead and scalability of 
your code. I picked this article from said google results:

      I honestly can't think of any scenario where it is ok to use inline 
handlers, but I'm definitely interested in hearing your argument regarding 
them. I'm of the belief that complete separation of logic is imperative and 
should be regarded as best practice (or even, "only practice")... thoughts?

      Apparently Effect.toggle() does not like the element chained to it... 
odd. Anyway, you can improve this much further.... I've posted a demo.



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