Hey David,

I believe I am using the newest version of lightwindow. The prototype
that came with it was version 1.5. Thats why I thought maybe it needed
the updated version, but the same issue is happening with both 1.5 and
the new 1.6.1_rc2. It works perfect in Firefox and Chrome, only errors
in IE. The page that i have the code in is .asp, do you think that
would cause any issues? I wouldnt think so but I am not sure. Thank
you for looking into this for me. I appreciate it.


On Jun 3, 1:57 pm, david <david.brill...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi CMRstar430,
> it seems that it is a problem with lightwindow and IE8.0.
> have you check if a newer version exist ???
> --
> david
> On 2 juin, 22:20, CMRstar430 <cmrstar...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hello All,
> > I am having an issue with lightwindow in IE 8.0.
> >http://proofs.icongraphics.com/usbe/services.asp
> > If you go to this link in IE 8 and then click on the link in the body
> > that says "MORE", you will see what is going on. It is supposed to
> > open up a window like any other lightwindow, light box etc...
> > It keeps saying "Error on page" and when i look at the details it says
> > it is a line in the Prototype. The error message is saying that it is
> > on line 2254, character 9:
> > This is that line: elementStyle[(property == 'Float' || property ==
> > 'cssFloat') ?
> > I downloaded and used the new version of prototype: version 1.6.1_rc2
> > Anyone have this issue before or know a way to fix it???  Please help!
> > Thank you,
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