Lightwindow seems to have been abandoned quite some time ago, which is  
a shame. I've had to patch lots of things for IE6, there are scads of  
references on Google to other bits that people have changed to work  
around one problem or another. I really like LW, it does way more than  
any other lightbox script, particularly with rich media.


On Jun 4, 2009, at 7:33 AM, CMRstar430 wrote:

> Hey David,
> I believe I am using the newest version of lightwindow. The prototype
> that came with it was version 1.5. Thats why I thought maybe it needed
> the updated version, but the same issue is happening with both 1.5 and
> the new 1.6.1_rc2. It works perfect in Firefox and Chrome, only errors
> in IE. The page that i have the code in is .asp, do you think that
> would cause any issues? I wouldnt think so but I am not sure. Thank
> you for looking into this for me. I appreciate it.
> --Cmrstar430

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