No, I don't need onMouseOver...
What I want to do is that when a certain element hovers over one of my
Sortable, that Sortable expands (changes class essentially).

I understand that Sortable implement Draggables and Droppables under
the cover, what I want to do is pass the onHover to the created

The code I was playing with looks like:
Sortable.create(itemID, {
                        tag: 'div',
                        dropOnEmpty: true,
                        containment: ["container1", "container2"],
                        constraint: false,
                        only: ['type1', 'type2'],
                        scroll: window,
                        onHover: function(element, itemNb){
} );

Thanks for your help.


On Aug 7, 4:22 pm, mr_justin <> wrote:
> What exactly are you trying to do with that callback? Let's see some
> code.
> Sortable just implements Draggables and Droppables for you under the
> covers, and the onHover callback you pass to Sortable is just passed
> on through to the Droppable constructor.
> You know the onHover is for when your Draggable is hovering over a
> Droppable, right? I mean it's not for when you hover over a sortable
> object or anything like that.
> -justin
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