Ok, thanks, but how would you implement my code then?
Do I have to overload the whole Sortable.onHover method?
If yes, then every new Sortable created will call the onHover method
isn't it? I would like it to be called only for this Sortable, not all
of them.

Thanks for your help,


On Aug 9, 8:17 pm, mr_justin <gro...@jperkins.otherinbox.com> wrote:
> > what I want to do is pass the onHover to the created
> > Droppables.
> But it already does that. See dragdrop.js for this code in the
> Sortable#create method:
>     // build options for the droppables
>     var options_for_droppable = {
>       overlap:     options.overlap,
>       containment: options.containment,
>       tree:        options.tree,
>       hoverclass:  options.hoverclass,
>       onHover:     Sortable.onHover // <------ Here is where it
> happens
>     };
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