Interesting suggestion.  Unfortunately, the content is more dynamic
them just text replacements.  For example, there is a list of varying
length.  Also just using template for 200 lines of text doesn't seem
very "tidy" to me.

On Aug 18, 3:19 am, Richard Quadling <> wrote:
> 2009/8/18 drewB <>:
> > I have 200 lines of an HTML snippet that I plan to convert to
> > javascript using Prototypes Elements.  Instead of doing this by hand,
> > I figure I could write some code that would take any block of HTML and
> > convert it to javascript.  Then it occurs to me that I couldn't be the
> > first one to think of this.  Does anyone have some code that will do
> > this or know of a tool?  I am looking for something like
> > using Prototype Elements instead of
> > basic javascript (something that uses Builder would be ok also).
> > Thanks!
> Once you've converted it to JS, what do you intend to do with it?
> If you are going to re-use it (say with different content), then maybe
> the Template mechanism within Prototype [1] would be what you are
> looking for.
> Richard.
> [1]
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