On Aug 19, 5:30 am, drewB <dbats...@gmail.com> wrote:
> As I see it the advantages of doing it client-side are:
> - The server can handle more users because less work is done there

Unlikely. There is very little difference in computation effort
between generating JSON, XML, HTML or delimited text at the server.
There is a much greater computational effort on the client to convert
JSON, XML or delmiited data to HTML DOM elements. If the data is going
to be presented as HTML, then create HTML at the server and send that.
Use the browsers highly optimised ability to convert HTML to DOM (and
the server's to convert data to HTML) and you're done.

> - Cleaner delineation for presentation layer.  If I want to change the
> way things look, there are fewer places I need to go.

So why put it in two places? Why turn data into say JSON just so you
can later turn it into HTML? Just create HTML in the first place using
a template on the server.

> - Possibly better user experience because there is no delay between
> adding an item and it showing on on there screen.

The greatest time taken is in getting the data from the server, which
will be (pretty much) the same regardless of how the data is
formatted. The benefit of AJAX is they don't see the whole page re-

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