Hi Javier,

Alex answer is good, an I will follow his way.
But it depend on a few things:
- internet / intranet: meaning if response time to load JS files could
be long, you should have as your collegue says an amount of time where
your application, is not running, but all HTML will be load. A kind of
"break time".
- The amount of code executed, if it's very important, you'll still
have that "break time"

This break time could be disgracefull. but we are talking generally
about hundreds of millisecondes.
This is very short time for humans, but of course it make a big
difference on charts. :))
I personnally put it on top, my users are not terminator !


On 16 sep, 12:11, "Alex McAuley" <webmas...@thecarmarketplace.com>
> Personaly form my experience putting JS at the top or bottom shaves only a
> second or so on page rendering/loading....
> If you application relies heavily on javascript for its enhanced
> functionality and needs the observers in place to function then i would put
> it at the top.
> for example....
> Load the javascript in the head as normal, then add the event observer for
> dom/window load/ready to set the observers up...
> Yahoo's idea is only one out of many ways of doing things and what may work
> for them with their infrastructure and frameworks may not work or benefit
> everyone.
> Alex Mcauleyhttp://www.thevacancymarket.com
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> Subject: [Proto-Scripty] YSlow's rule "JavaScript at the bottom" w/Prototype
> > Guys, I wonder if you can help me with this;
> > I just had a twenty minute-long discussion with a senior co-worker on
> > the YSlow rule "put JavaScript at the bottom"--for more information on
> > it, please check out [
> >http://developer.yahoo.com/performance/rules.html#js_bottom
> > ].
> > Now, I want to adhere to this rule as well as eliminate "onevent"
> > attributes on HTML tags on a given product.
> > My colleague thinks this is going to result in "bugs" when perplexed
> > users are confronted with a "fully" rendered page and thus attempt to
> > click on links that have no JS behaviour added yet--since I want all
> > of the behaviour to be added using the 'observe' method.
> > Is this so? Can you guys please shed some light on this subject on an
> > application basing its JS on Prototype?
> > Thanks in advance and warm regards,
> > - Javier
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