2009/9/16 Marko <gm.ma...@gmail.com>:
> Hi all,
> Here is description from YSlow:
> /JavaScript scripts block parallel downloads; that is, when a script is
> downloading, the browser will not start any other downloads. To help the
> page load faster, move scripts to the bottom of the page if they are
> deferrable.
> /Isn't that the point why to put it on the bottom.
> - Marko
> david wrote:
>> Hi Javier,
>> Alex answer is good, an I will follow his way.
>> But it depend on a few things:
>> - internet / intranet: meaning if response time to load JS files could
>> be long, you should have as your collegue says an amount of time where
>> your application, is not running, but all HTML will be load. A kind of
>> "break time".
>> - The amount of code executed, if it's very important, you'll still
>> have that "break time"
>> This break time could be disgracefull. but we are talking generally
>> about hundreds of millisecondes.
>> This is very short time for humans, but of course it make a big
>> difference on charts. :))
>> I personnally put it on top, my users are not terminator !
>> --
>> david
>> On 16 sep, 12:11, "Alex McAuley" <webmas...@thecarmarketplace.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Personaly form my experience putting JS at the top or bottom shaves only a
>>> second or so on page rendering/loading....
>>> If you application relies heavily on javascript for its enhanced
>>> functionality and needs the observers in place to function then i would put
>>> it at the top.
>>> for example....
>>> Load the javascript in the head as normal, then add the event observer for
>>> dom/window load/ready to set the observers up...
>>> Yahoo's idea is only one out of many ways of doing things and what may work
>>> for them with their infrastructure and frameworks may not work or benefit
>>> everyone.
>>> Alex Mcauleyhttp://www.thevacancymarket.com
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>>> Subject: [Proto-Scripty] YSlow's rule "JavaScript at the bottom" w/Prototype
>>>> Guys, I wonder if you can help me with this;
>>>> I just had a twenty minute-long discussion with a senior co-worker on
>>>> the YSlow rule "put JavaScript at the bottom"--for more information on
>>>> it, please check out [
>>>> http://developer.yahoo.com/performance/rules.html#js_bottom
>>>> ].
>>>> Now, I want to adhere to this rule as well as eliminate "onevent"
>>>> attributes on HTML tags on a given product.
>>>> My colleague thinks this is going to result in "bugs" when perplexed
>>>> users are confronted with a "fully" rendered page and thus attempt to
>>>> click on links that have no JS behaviour added yet--since I want all
>>>> of the behaviour to be added using the 'observe' method.
>>>> Is this so? Can you guys please shed some light on this subject on an
>>>> application basing its JS on Prototype?
>>>> Thanks in advance and warm regards,
>>>> - Javier
>> >
> >

The standard is to only allow 2 requests per server, so I would
question the strength of the reasoning.

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