The compressed versions i speak of do get cached....

Alex Mcauley
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Hey, you and me both, brother.

We are building the new framework, starting from scratch, so maybe you
are right and I am just troubled by the ghosts of the past and this
will not happen this time around when we'll be using sane logic to
build our code.

I hope you are right.


On Sep 16, 3:43 pm, Jim Higson <> wrote:
> On Wednesday 16 September 2009 14:43:32 skaiuoquer wrote:
> > A non-cached "medium" page on it takes above half a minute to load on
> > T1...
> > That's half a minute where the user is pretty much waiting for the JS
> > files to download one after the other.
> Concatenate all files into one in the order that you are loading them, use 
> yui
> compressor, gzip. You'll see at least an 80% decrease in load time.
> Still, I'd question the sanity of any system that takes 30 seconds to 
> serve a
> web page.
> Jim

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