Hi Fellows,

I'm using the latest version of Prototype and Scriptaculous. My code
works quite fine in Firefox, both on Mac and Windows. However, IE 8 is
giving me the following error: " 'unidentified' is null or not an
object ".

I've traced the call stack and I'm pretty sure the error is occurring
when the following Prototype/ Scriptaculous block gets executed:

                if(this.photoAlbumsSelectorDisplayBtn_processHide != null)
                if(this.photoAlbumsSelectorDisplayBtn_processShow != null)
                this.photoAlbumsSelectorDisplayBtn_processShow = new 
{sync:true, "to":0.76 }),
{sync:true, "to":0.88 }),
                        { "duration":1.0 }

The two "this.el_id_...." vars that are getting passed as the first
parameters, the ID params, in the Effect.Appear calls are both strings
that have the HTML element IDs of two elements that I have confirmed
exist. So its not just a simple matter of elements with those IDs not
existing in the HTML.

Again, this works fine in Firefox on both Mac and Windows.

Anyone know an answer?

Thanks ahead of time mates.

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