Morning people.

Got a slight issue with IE and focus / blur.

I have a suggestive searchbox that observes keyup and does its
thing... This all works fine.

There is a height with overflow:auto on it to allow users to scroll
through multiple results to find the correct result and be able to
select it.

I have just added a(n) observer for focus / blur of the input element
that hides the results element on blur and shows them on re-focus of
the element.

This all works fine in firefox but does not work in webkit/IE.. It
works as much as blurring and focusing does hide the element but if i
try to scroll down the "Results" element it sees the focus is lost and
hides it!..

What i am trying to replicate is to see what is being focussed /
pressed when this is occuring and if its the "Results" element then to
not show or hide the "Results" element.

Hope i explained that well and i am sure someone has come across this

All relevant help appreciated

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