The problem is not in a singular web page but in each page where
prototype.js is referenced, because i need to bind functions on
different HTML elements dependending on their classes (for example,
each HTML textfield element with class "date" needs to be validate and
so on ... )
So I think it's useless show you the code of a web page ... I get an
"Out of memory" in almost each page of my application ... :'(

On 23 Ott, 13:27, "Alex McAuley" <>
> can you pastebin your page...
> Alex Mcauley
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Etha" <>
> To: "Prototype &" <>
> Sent: Friday, October 23, 2009 12:13 PM
> Subject: [Proto-Scripty] Re: Out Of Memory Error in IE7 and IE8
> > None can help me?
> > On 22 Ott, 14:59, Etha <> wrote:
> >> Hi, I'm using prototype.js 1.6.1 and I get memory leaks on IE7/8 when
> >> loading prototype library.
> >> The first error I get is "handler is null or not an object", then when
> >> i reload my page, i get "out of memory error". I've tried to disable
> >> each js function using prototype.js, so the error occurs just when
> >> loading the web page with a link to prototype.js.
> >> Anyone of you had the same problem? Can you help me? It's very
> >> important.
> >> Thanks.
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