One of the side-effects(indeed the only negative one I am aware of) of
using prototype is the problem you have described.  The only way to
pass an array as you have described, would be to hash the array, or
pass it as json, or something.  However, I think you would be better
off modifying your loop.  With prototype you can't really use the for-
in looping construct.  You need to either loop through the array
numerically or use prototype's Enumerable.each.

Good Luck,

On Jan 5, 5:02 am, Jake <> wrote:
> On Jan 5, 7:35 am, Jake <> wrote:
> > I am using prototype  All I am trying to do is get the
> > results from evalJSON and iterate through them. I have an Ajax
> > request, and on success it does something like:
> > thisObj.adjustResultsForMovement.bind(thisObj,
> > transport.responseText.evalJSON(true))();
> I have learned the problem is not with iterationg, but if I do
> something like this:
>         var markers =  transport.responseText.evalJSON(true)
>         thisObj.adjustResultsForMovement.bind(thisObj, markers)();
> If markers is  an empty array [], then whenadjustResultsForMovement is
> called, prototype changes the markers array and adds all of the
> prototype functions.  It doesn't do this when markers has elements.
> Is there a way I can stop it from adding all of these functions?  If I
> want to pass an empty array using bind, is there no way I can do that?
> Thanks.
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