Hi TJ,

> > I get the number 4711 in IE with $("test").innerText and in FF with $
> > ("test").textContent - does Prototype provide a browser-independent
> > abstraction for this?
> Hopefully you get the *string* "4711" rather than the number 4711
> (unless you parse it). :-)

You are right, in a posting every word is important, in order
to avoid misunderstandings. So, yes: I am getting the string, not the

> ... innerHTML ...

yeah, if the document structure guarantees to me that the element in
question only contains a text node, then I could use innerHTML
to innerText/textContent.

> Element.addMethods({
>     text: function(element) {
>         if (!(element = $(element))) return;
>         return element.innerHTML.stripTags();
>     }
> });

thanks for the reference to String.stripTags() - I hadn't realized the
existence of
such a function before.

- Regards,

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