Thank you. I thought about trying that but I thought the queue was
supposed to do the same thing. It's ok, you solved it. :)

On Sep 1, 8:56 am, Peter De Berdt <> wrote:
> On 01 Sep 2010, at 14:34, Raphael75 wrote:
> > But isn't the queue supposed to handle that? I inserted the Fade first
> > (queue: 'front') and then the Appear (queue: 'end'). Isn't that right?
> > Or is there some other way to have the Appear wait to start until the
> > Fade is finished?
> Use the afterFinish callback like so:
> var olstext = $('olstext');
> olstext.fade({duration: 0.35, afterFinish: function()  
> { olstext.update("Some new text"); olstext.appear({duration: 0.5}); }});
> Best regards
> Peter De Berdt

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