When one assigns to window.location, the web browser automatically
invokes attachment-handling according to the contentType if the
response's Content-Disposition is set to "attachment".  The same thing
happens if the request is elicited by a traditional form submittal or
triggering an href linked to the Content-Disposition==attachment

My use case seem pretty simple to me.  I need to post a bunch of data
via postBody, and the response will be an attachment.  Both parts are
prosaic and simple, but web searches find nothing on the Internet of
anybody trying to do both of these things.  Seems that as soon as Ajax
is introduced, you lose the ability for the browser to automatically
handle attachments, and I find no ability to handle them manually via
w3c DOM API or PrototypeJS API  (viz. to have the browser open the
Open/Save-As pop-up).

To maybe prevent a couple exchanges...  I do need to use "post" method
due to the nature of the data (that the attachment will be generated
from).  I do not want to hold/cache data on the server for a
subsequent traditional fetch:  This is clean and atomic as a single
post transaction and I don't want to introduce memory contention
issues and the opportunity for memory leaks.  I tried PrototypeJS's
form.request() in hopes that if no callback was specified maybe the
browser's default handler would be used... but it ain't.

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