I have the Facebook Social Plugin (Like Box) in a site that I am

A good portion of the visitors are behind corporate firewalls, and if
their browsers detect a Facebook domain they will reject the call to
the plugin.

I am using the Ajax prototype to make the calls to Facebook from my
server which has no firewall that would prevent the Facebook call.
However, when you call the Facebook plugins (irrespective of FBML/JS
or iFrame version) it returns a bunch of new Javascripts and IFrames
that make additional Facebook domain calls defeating the purpose.

I built a version which nests two Ajax Calls with the hope that the I
can force all the response to be executed on the Server, and just
return the final rendered plugin to the browser. However, the first
Ajax.Updater call simply returns what is in the HTML file not allowing
it to execute. I don't know if Ajax.updater has the smarts to allow
this to work, but I do have the evalscripts option set to true.

What I have in mind is the following process:
1) Call the Ajax.Updater from the Index.html to a file named
2) When the body onloads it will call another Ajax.Updater that makes
a call to Facebook.HTML, which has the FBML to call the Facebook
Plugin call.
3) The response from Facebook.HTML will load into Loader.HTML, which
will execute all the iFrames and Javascript that is returning from
4) Finally the response in Loader.HTML will populate the browser with
the rendered code.

Can Ajax.Updater nest this way? I can't really tell what is happening
on the server with my debugger, but either the Ajax.Updater is
returning the contents of the Loader.HTML file without executing the
nested onload, or it is not waiting for the nested onload to force the
plugin to load in Loader.HTML. If I execute Loader.HTML it does call
the FB plugin successfully. It seems the nesting is the problem.

Any ideas?

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