TJ, thanks so much for the insight.  I'm going to walk through my code
and at the very least remove any event handlers I've attached to the
nodes.  I'll monitor memory and then if that is the issue I'll take
action based on your recommendations.  I should have a solid response
tonight.  Thanks again!

On Oct 12, 4:52 am, "T.J. Crowder" <> wrote:
> Hi again,
> I probably should have mentioned in my earlier message that Prototype
> 1.7 (which hasn't been released yet) has built-in delegation handling
> which can make the `findElement` stuff a bit shorter syntactically:
>     $('foo').on('click', 'div.watchme', clickHandlerFunction);
> See
> But that's not until 1.7 and, for me, doesn't really offer much on top
> of `Event#findElement` anyway, especially not if you're handling
> delegation of events for multiple targets with the same ancestor
> element.
> -- T.J.
> On Oct 12, 5:20 am, Rob Cluett <> wrote:
> > All, I'm a relatively new javascript programmer and like many I've
> > successfully been able to implement prototype.js in a relatively
> > complex application.  However, the little expertise I have seems to
> > have reached it's limits.  I have an application which constantly
> > adds, updates and deletes DOM elements.  This can approach 100's of
> > elements with each call.  Some event handlers are attached.  It
> > typically does these adds, updates and deletes once once every 60
> > seconds.  In an effort to monitor memory utilization in the browser I
> > bumped it up to 5 seconds and in no time the memory consumed reaches
> > epic levels.  It basically forces the browser to come to a halt.
> > The issue is that I'm not sure how to both track down the memory leak
> > or inspect my code to which I can find the culprit.  I'm wondering if
> > this arena is a good starting point to ask for help.  If I can get
> > past this hurdle then I can continue to develop the application.
> > Without getting past it the 6 months of work I've done thus far will
> > be a waste :( Is there anyone who wouldn't mind helping and educating
> > me?

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