When using "$.noConflict();" you need to load Prototype before loading
jQuery. The <script> tag for Prototype literally needs to be above the
<script> tag for jQuery.

When using noConflict I find the most useful way of separating the two
libraries logically is to assign jQuery a new name.

For instance:

var $j = jQuery.noConflict();
// Do something with jQuery
$j("div p").hide();
// Do something with Prototype

I have a project called Modevious that specifically uses Prototype and
jQuery together (along with other plugins and components) and it
separates the two like so ($ for Prototype and $j for jQuery, and $c
for my own library).

When using Prototype $ works just as expected, but when using jQuery
you must use $j. jQuery plugin authors are usually good about
encapsulating their plugin so that even though their code may specify
$ jQuery does a good job working with that and they are accessible via

For instance Pines Notify is by default $.pnotify("Message"). But when
using Modevious or simply noConflict like above it is called by using

Hope that helps you use two wonderful libraries together.

On Mar 16, 1:36 pm, Joseph O <joeordo...@gmail.com> wrote:
> This has been tossed around the net in many variations yet none have
> worked for me. I have done about ever work around for these two so
> they will like each other and have reached a dead end. I need my image
> fade menu to function with my flash driven lightbox. Please let me
> know if this is something anyone can help with. Here are a few links
> to reference.
> This shows the menu 
> working.http://fabritechonline.com/content/awning_marquee.html
> This shows the Lightbox 
> Working.http://fabritechonline.com/content/awning_marquee_test.html
> This shows the jQuery / Prototype noConflict script in action.
> (Prototype is 
> disabled)http://fabritechonline.com/content/awning_marquee_test_conflict.html
> While the script allows jQuery to operate without Prototype loading,
> it still does not function with both.

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