The short answer is that there's no short answer. There's not really
anything that either library can do that the other can't. It's mostly
a question of the requirements of the project, or familiarity with
either library's approach, etc.

There's no conclusive answer & any answer you do get will be loaded
with facts about each, but no single knockout argument to use one or
the other.

-joe t.

On Apr 29, 2:22 pm, kstubs <> wrote:
> Why Prototype over JQuery?  I am an avid fan of Prototype and have never
> used JQuery, but JQuery seems to be so popular.  Is it just that, popular?
>  I love prototype, and learning something new and magical every day it
> seems, but is there something *better* that Prototype does that JQuery
> doesn't, or vice-a-versa?
> Karl..

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