@lvdesign you comment sound more that an advertising than an real
prove for why to move to jquery, I mean seriously I don't know
anything that you CAN'T do with prototype and do with jquery cause at
finally both are javascript, so the question is more about what is the
real future of prototype, why stay keep in touch with this library or
try to move in a new one. I mean if you have to talk about libraries
you have to realize that YUI is really better option than jquery in
several terms and is running in an architectural made by the famous
Douglas Crockford father of JSON. But here the question is what's
happend with prototype??? does anyone can help us???

On May 1, 4:33 am, lvdesign <mail...@lvdesign.com.fr> wrote:
> Hello,
> For me the problem is actualy
>  Why are you using Prototype when jQuery is more efficient, intuitive
> et en plus more developed?
> And remember you,  jQuery accept other library with .noConflict()
> And  you can manage RoR with 
> jQueryhttp://jimneath.org/2008/06/18/using-jquery-with-ruby-on-rails.html
> So for me try to do something with Proto is a challenge because jQuery
> is so smart.
> cordialy
> LV
> On 1 mai, 02:45, "joe t." <thooke...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > The short answer is that there's no short answer. There's not really
> > anything that either library can do that the other can't. It's mostly
> > a question of the requirements of the project, or familiarity with
> > either library's approach, etc.
> > There's no conclusive answer & any answer you do get will be loaded
> > with facts about each, but no single knockout argument to use one or
> > the other.
> > -joe t.
> > On Apr 29, 2:22 pm, kstubs <kst...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > > Why Prototype over JQuery?  I am an avid fan of Prototype and have never
> > > used JQuery, but JQuery seems to be so popular.  Is it just that, popular?
> > >  I love prototype, and learning something new and magical every day it
> > > seems, but is there something *better* that Prototype does that JQuery
> > > doesn't, or vice-a-versa?
> > > Karl..

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