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> I am somewhat new to AJAX, but one thing that I have not touch upon is
> the following -
> When my App is making an AJAX call, from the users perspective it
> seems to be doing nothing, how does one go about freezing the page
> (Not sure what else to call it) and indicate to the user that
> something is happening?
> (I have seen it on a couple of sites, but cannot seem to find an
> example at the moment)
> Thanks in advance for the help
> Ian

Not a silly question at all.

When you want to show something "modal" on the page, what you need to
do is mask the page so that nothing reacts to clicks and such, and
then put your "modal" thing above the mask (so the user can interact
with it, and so it's not greyed-out if you use opacity on the mask to
make everything a bit dimmer). Because things like Flash and Java
applets and (on some browsers) form controls disobey the usual z-index
CSS stuff, putting the mask on the page requires that you play a bit
of a game: You put another entire _window_ in the way. This is called
the "iframe shim" trick. An iframe creates a different window, but
participates in the z-index ordering of your page.

Here's[1] an answer I gave on Stack Overflow to a similar question
using jQuery which goes into the details a bit, and here's[2] a
Prototype translation of the example. As I say in the answer on SO,
this example isn't perfect by any means, that's what the various
libraries that do this for you are for, but it should get you started.


[2] http://jsbin.com/ocobu4/4
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