Hey All,

Wierdness...  I've not seen this before and I swear on my grandma's knickers
this was working!

function dofill(url) {
  var options = {
    method: 'post',
    parameters: $('myform').serialize(),
    onSuccess: fill_in,
    onFailure: ajax_err,
    on0: ajax_err
  new Ajax.Request( url+".php", options );

The form header looks like this:
        <form name='anisForm' id='myform' action='users' method='post'>
        <input type='hidden' id='ajStatus' name='status' value=''>
        <input type='hidden' id='ajRecord' name='record' value='<?php echo
$_SESSION['userid']; ?>'>
The form is NOT disabled and it has several hidden fields with data but when
I inspect options before the call parameters is "" and when I verify/inspect
the $_POST variable in php it's essentially empty...

Any clues as to why this would not work (or stop working)?

BTW, I'm using 1.6.1


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