> I used the form name attribute as a way of knowing which AJAX module to 
> call on behalf of that form.  That allows my dofill() to serve many forms. 

This can be made via CSS classes, not name attributes.

I've seen very few pages of any type that validates 100%

1-2 errors/warnings does not matter. In your example EVERY tag is invalid 
for XHTML document.

and browsers accomodate this and that's one reason why there are soo many 
> differences in how browsers act on a given page.

When document is [almost] valid (possibly with few errors/warnings), then 
there are actually very small differences between browsers.

we were able to narrow it down to a problem we could duplicate and once 
> duplicated it was easy to find (but harder to fix).

Show minimal example, please. It is very interesting.

> Like I said though, the key is not just in changing the doctype but you 
> also have to force compatibility mode.  This, to me, is a greater issue as 
> it indicates a bug somewhere in either IE9 or prototype... but regardless 
> of where it is, it causes prototype to fail.

Have you tried the latest Prototype 1.7? 

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