I love prototype and scriptacualous. I don't combine with jquery so i know 
i am not having a noclonflict headache,
and I am just trying to get the visible() function (
to not throw null type error exceptions: here is the function I need to 
fix, syntactically:
the function creates an associative array to track which of 33 system 
panels are either open, unopen, or minimized*:
**(the systems are indexed from 100 to 132)*>>

function get_system_states() { 
    var k=0; var sys_array = new Array(); var open_div=''; var min_div='';
        open_div = 'system'+k+'';
        min_div = open_div+'_minimized';
        if ($(open_div).visible()==true) {
        sys_array[k] = "o"; // o = open
        if ($(min_div).visible()==true) {
        sys_array[k] = "m"; // m = minimized
        if (($(open_div).visible()==false)&&($(min_div).visible()==false)) {
        sys_array[k] = "c";    // u = unopen
return sys_array;

Javscript console error says : 

   1. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'visible' of null
the first IF statement in the for loop is throwing the exception, but I 
assume I am not assigning the div values correctly?
i have found no answers in this group from a text search and from a general 
google search. 
is this a single quotation reference? my div id's are dynamically written 
in php codeignite, which shouldnt really matter.

any suggestions for how to properly get the visibility of each div in each 
current state?

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