Yes that's what I am tryingto do but it must be done on a client side, and 
i want to avoid cookies, 

I have written some functions for the handling of innerHTML of a hidden div 
that would hold this index, 
and will be parsed using string.split method. It should work in theory, I 
have no desire for the server to 
handle anything related to helping a client navigate through the system 
panels. here's the HTML on the page (with linebreaks added for legibility)(:

<div id="mb_system_state_references" style="display:none;">

and here are the functions relevant to how I am handling the current states 
of the indexes: (sorry if too much code to read):

 function get_system_states() {
    var ref = 
    var systemz = split.ref(":"); var mb_statez = new Array();  
    for(k=100;k<133;k++) {
        var n = k-100;
        var system_statez = systemz[n].split("=");
        var state = system_statez[1];
        mb_statez[n] = state;
    } // end loop
    return mb_statez;
 } // end function
 function get_system_state(system_index) {
     var sys_states = get_system_states();
     var n = (parseInt(system_index)-100);
     return sys_states[n];
 function set_system_state(system_index,state){
     var sys_states = get_system_states();
     var new_ref_string="";
     for(k=100;k<133;k++) {
     //if not the setting we are setting, write its current state and skip 
to the next iteration
     if (parseInt(system_index)!=parseInt(k)){
     new_ref_string+=''+k+'='+get_system_state(k)+':'; continue;
     } else {  // else, write the new one
     } // end else
    } // end loop
  return false;
 } // function

function minimize_mb_system(system_index) {
    if (get_system_state(system_index)=!"M")
                var sp_div_id = 'system'+system_index+'';
                var min_div_id = 'system'+system_index+'_minimized';
                return false;
        else { var warning = "system display state is already minimized. 
did not collapse."; return warning; }
function restore_mb_system(system_index) {
    if (get_system_state(system_index)=!"O")
                var sp_div_id = 'system'+system_index;
                var min_div_id =  'system'+system_index+'_minimized';
                return false;
        else { var warning = "system display state is already open. did not 
restore."; return warning; }

function open_mb_system(system_index) {
    system_index+='';var k=0; var state = get_system_states();
    // if system we are opening is minimized, restore it
    if (state[parseInt(system_index)]=="M") { 
    var restore = restore_mb_system(system_index); 
    if (restore!=false) { alert(restore); }
    // for every other system that might be open, minimize it
                if (k+''==system_index) { continue; }
                         if (state[k] == "O") { 
                              var minimize = minimize_mb_system(k); 
                             if (minimize!=false) { alert(minimize); }    
        } // end for loop
        //preload module image rollovers for the system we are opening
        // get the system HTML from the monkeypanel server
        new Ajax.Updater({ success: 'system'+system_index+'_container', 
failure: 'system'+system_index+'_messages' }, 
        { method: 'get' , onComplete: function(){ 
                var monkeysays_sys_div = 
                new Effect.Appear(monkeysays_sys_div, { duration: 3.0 });
                       Effect.Fade(monkeysays_sys_div, { duration: 15.0 });
                                         } }); 

return false;

Using the getElementsbyClassName could work, thanks for the suggestion. I 
might attempt to simplify and try to do that. 
I will be replying with my finished code once it works, and i hope it does. 
I'm having errors with handling the convention text that I specified as 
some sort of error with "split" not defined.? hrmph..

On Monday, October 15, 2012 3:38:56 PM UTC-4, Jason wrote:
> If $("id") returns null (like in this instance) then the id does not exist 
> on the page
> This might be handled better using a class on each of the panels and 
> simply holding which is the open/minimized index that way you don't have to 
> worry about what ids exist


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