If you haven't heard already, tonight's Provo city council meeting @ 7:00pm
is going to be one of the more important council meetings of 2003.

There will be a public hearing on whether to approve $39.5 million in sales tax revenue bonds.  It would be for a city-owned telecom fiber network called iProvo.  If it fails to pay for itself then it will be paid for out of sales tax revenues.  The problem is that these revenues are already being used for other essential services. 

One of our members has been doing a lot of research on the issue and has talked to the council extensively about this.  Unfortunately, a majority of the city council says they're going to vote for it; unless they hear from you today.

What can you do about it?
  1. Call the city council members about it and express your views.   Here is a flyer that one of our members made on his own.  It has all of their phone numbers.  (Here is a PDF version.)  Or alternatively you can find their phone numbers at http://provocitizens.net/city.html
  2. Come to tonight's meeting and speak out!  ANYONE can get up and speak during the public hearing portion.
  3. Pass on this email and this flyer to your friends, neighbors, and acquaintances in Provo.
For further info you can click on the newspaper article links off of our homepage at http://www.provocitizens.net/
And lastly, you can read the city and the mayor's marketing materials on the iProvo proposal at http://www.provo.org/util/telecom/

Thanks, we hope to see you there tonight (if not, you can watch the hearing on cable channel 17).
Please spread the word,

Roger Brown
Chairman, ProvoCitizens
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